Hi all,

I am new to the blog and this is my first post (so please pardon me for any mistake). So here it goes....

MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) tool has something called as parameterization. Using this technique we can give different inputs to a variable in the step and this saves us from writing different (similar) TCs for different sets of data.
So my question is, is it advisable to parameterize steps also. e.g. consider a scenario where you can 1. delete a post using some 'Delete' button on page or 2. right click on the post and select 'Delete' on context menu.

I believe in parameterizaing the steps also for similar functionality. But many feel that it becomes difficult for some other person to come and understand the TC. I am talking about TC which will have say more than 10 odd iterations.

Please share you views.

Thanks -