Hi All,

I want to see properties of the pane containing my link which I have to click through Automation.When I select the link with mouse and press Windows logo key + I, I will get all the properties of the link in the Coded UI Test Builder. Now If I expand the properties window to see the UI controlMap, I can see the Container Pane in the hierarchy above as one of the parents. If I select the pane, I can see some search properties for this pane along with a link "Show all the properties". Now if I click on the link "Show all the properties", the status bar says 'Unable to locate selected UI control'. This is because pane is a Java script pop up menu and when I click anywhere else (clicking "Show all the properties"), the menu disappears.If a select a parent(other than Container Pane) above in the hierarchy which is still visible, and click "Show all the properties", I can see that some more properties are listed by the Coded UI Test Builder for that parent.

Is there any way so that I can configure Coded UI test so that it captures/displays all the properties of all the parents of the object in the first go itself so that I don't have to click the "Show all the properties" link?

I really need to use some of the unique properties of the Container Pane and the ones listed there don't serve my purpose. So looking for a mechanism to get more properties.

Any thoughts/pointers in this direction are highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Avinash Kumar Sharma. <font color="black"> </font> <font color="red"> </font>