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    conditional Parameterized Web test

    I'm new to Visual studio test edition. Please help me.

    I have recorded a web test which has a form. Form contains a drop down. display of number of fields depends on the value in the drop down.

    I need to parameterize the form fields based on the display of number of fields. I have selected a data source (a csv file) and associated to each field item. But how to make conditional parameterization and how to enable selection of all rows in the csv file.

    Please suggest.

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    Re: conditional Parameterized Web test

    Got the answer but want to confirm what I found is correct or not.

    VSTS automatically recognizes the hidden fields and shows them in the web test recorded. So based on the parameterization set it will run the data driven testing.

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    Re: conditional Parameterized Web test

    Since you have conditionnal behavior, you might need to convert your webtest into Coded Webtest (using the "Generate code" button. Then you will be able to implement the logic. I suggest using C#, but you can use VB.Net as well if you feel more comfortable.

    You might want to record all scenarios from the drop down first, so that you can then split your webtest in smaller webtest that you will call depending on the selected value from the drop down.

    There is some examples in the link you provided on a previous post, from which to start:




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