Q: WebService Plugin is not showing request and respose paramaeters in the editor for my LinqtoEntitiesDomainServices????

Exp: My load testing application is Silverlight Web. WebServices plugin(ver2.0) is showing the request and response parameters for normal DomainService calling. But this plugin is not showing the request and response parameters for LinqToEnitiesDomainServices(Enitity Framework) method calling.

This is my sample request http://local host:/applicationname/client/AuthenticationService.svc/binary/Login
This request is not showing the SOAP message or Query parameters inside the web service tab text view. This AuthenticationService is implemented from LinqToEntityDomainService.

Will microsoft give any updated plugin for this scenario ASAP? If this problem is solved my company will get license for visual studio2010 ultimate. Any help appreciated!