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    Sharing extracted data among web tests

    I figured I'd post this here since I've looked and have not yet been able to find a way yet.

    I have a serious of test cases that are essentially steps in a process. Because there are many steps I would like to keep those steps as separate as possible to make them easier to maintain. (I was thinking an Ordered test might be the way to go)

    The problem I have encountered is that some of the data is generated by the server each time the test is going to be run, which means, I'll need to extract that data and bind it for all the test cases. But how do you extract, and save that value for use in another test that is in a separate webtest file?

    Has anyone found a way to do this?

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    Re: Sharing extracted data among web tests

    In VSTS 2010, I have done this by having the first web test that captures the data call the second web test that uses it. It works as long as the variable name is the same in both tests.



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