Hi Guys,

I have a query with VSTS 2010(Coded UI) Test.

I created a Coded UI test which in turn creates a Project.

After creation of the Test project, I followed below steps:

1:Added Object Declarations in UIMap.
2:Added new folder to project and added Excel workbooks to get and put the data.
3:Added a function to read/Write the values from the above Excel sheet.
4:Checked in the code and created the build(AutomationBuild_1.1).
5:Associated the automation test with manual test case using Test Manager.
6: Selected the automation Build (AutomationBuild_1.1) to run(for Test Plan).
7:Run the automated Test from the test manager.

Here where my problem starts. I am able to run the test from the VSTS But not from when ran from Test Manager 2010.

When I checked the build in the server, I noticed that the folder structure was missing. When I created the Build, only dll was created for the project.

Is there any way to get over this problem.