I'm doing a comparison at the moment between VSTS2010 Ultimate and TestComplete for predominantly GUI automation.

We felt that the big failing in TestComplete is the immaturity of its IDE but were happy with the implementation of checkpoints etc.

With VSTS2010 the IDE is clearly much better but I am struggling with building tests using CodedUI.

For instance, when I want to create a checkpoint based upon a screen state, I insert and assertion but the assertion tool doesn't clearly split the types of checkpoints I would like to create.

As an example, try to do a recording in Paint, save the test and then resize the Paint application and run the test. The test passes and the assertion passes even though the drawing in paint is totally different. I know that this is because I have not added any definition for the coordinates of the Paint window, I am just using this of an example of the difficulties I am facing.

I have been usuing MSDN and google etc for 3 days to little avail.

Any suggestions?