Hi all
I'm after a consensus here from people who use the tool.

One of our teams is putting everything they have in TFS - test cases and defects. We are currently using T-Plan which now has over a year's worth of test data and we are happy using it.

For an upcoming project I have to decide whether to put defects in TFS rather than in another tool. It seems a good idea as the defects are in the tool that developers are using. However, I am loath to start putting test cases in TFS as well for three reasons:

1. We'll have tests split between two systems when we have been trying to get some commonality in our approach.
2. We dont want to discard T-Plan and lose a year's worth of data (migrating is going to be too long and painful!).
3. We wont be able to write test scripts based on cases as we do at the moment. This approach works for us, and there is no good reason for changing it.

Has anyone else faced the same type of problem and if so, what was the outcome? Is TFS Test edition really that good that it can replace a test management tool?