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    Servers and Test Results

    I currently use Compuware's QALoad for our performance testing needs, but we are exploring other products largely due to costs.
    While reading everything I could get hold of on VSTE a couple of questions have popped up and I'd be grateful for any input:

    1/ QALoad allows you to enter logon credentials for using when accessing servers to pick up their counter data, but I haven't seen anything similar in VSTE. Is this possible, and if so how?

    2/ In one of the discussions someone seemed to suggest that you could not get all the raw data out of the results, only sampled or aggegrated data. In other words, I would like to be able to get hold of the response time for every transaction which would allow me to use that data to build whatever reports I wanted. For instance, if I have two scripts that log on and off I would like to combine the results for those transactions.


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    Re: Servers and Test Results

    1) Yes, definitely possible.
    The easiest way is just to have the Windows credentials added to the server that you want to access ("Performance Monitor Users". Then just run the test from that account from your load controller.

    If you want to use a different set of credentials than the one you are logged in as,what I personally like to do is to add those credentials to Window's Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Passwords

    2) You can definitely get the raw data. What was talked about in that thread was that the default report that is generated doesn't present the raw data (it generates a summary report with some key statistics). You can access the raw data from any counter that you collected, through an "export" data to excel button. This is available straight from the GUI.

    The interval that the raw data is collected is set in the load test.

    One thing that I want to point out is that Microsoft has excellent support for this tool. In fact, the product team is heavily involved in answering questions at their forums:

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Servers and Test Results

    Thanks for that Jonathan - really helpful. I know what you mean about using MSDN's facilities but I think you get a broader perspective sometimes from the breadth of knowledge and experience of the guys on here.



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