At our company all testers have a 2nd machine solely used as a (manual) testing computer (and for designing autotests). It has fairly normal spec.

We produce server (backoffice) software. No graphics card or network testing.

We're using LDAP, Apache, WIN 2k3SP2, SQL Server and Oracle mostly on these machines. We are running vmware on them locally today.

Question is what hardware spec is needed to virtualize eight och these testers machines?

The IT-department got back with the following spec for hardware:
Vmware ESXi, CPU=Dual quad , all-in-all eight cores, 2-3 500GB SAS-disks min 16GB RAM.

All eight tester might be pounding at this virtualized environment at the same time (or none), and it should not be slow or affect the test object.

Any experience from other QA departments much welcome.

Thanks a million,