2nd International Conference on Commercial Off-The-Shelf
(COTS)-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS)
February 10-12, 2003
Marriott Hotel
Ottawa, Canada
Theme: Multiple Paths, Multiple Solutions
World Wide Web: http://www.iccbss.org

Note: July 8, 2002 - due date for papers and presenations

Building on the international interest and tremendous success of ICCBSS 2002, held in Orlando this year, the National Research Council Canada, the
Software Engineering Institute, the Center for Software Engineering, and
the European Software Institute are pleased to announce the 2nd
International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems.

Conference Description:
Many researchers and practitioners throughout the world are working on
COTS software issues. Using COTS software components isn't a shortcut
for building the same old software systems in the same old way; it's a
whole new approach that involves multiple paths and multiple solutions,
vital to building and sustaining industry and government systems. Using
COTS software helps reduce development and maintenance costs and matches
the pace of technological advances, but it creates new pressures.

The ICCBSS Conference focuses on the challenges of creating and maintaining
COTS-based software systems. Industry and government systems are relying more and more on commercial COTS software to keep development and maintenance costs low and to keep pace with technological advances. The ICCBSS Conference provides an annual forum where researchers and practitioners from industry,
government, and universities can gather to exchange ideas and results. The
Conference offers a venue for face-to-face interaction and sharing of knowledge, and provides all participants access to state-of-the-art
techniques and research results. The success of ICCBSS 2002 last February
confirms the importance of this forum. We look forward to continuing at ICCBSS 2003 what we started in Orlando. ....

Call for Contributions:
The Program Committee is soliciting submissions for original papers, experience reports, tutorials, panel discussions, and poster sessions. We invite commercial and government COTS acquisition leaders, COTS
program managers, integrators and researchers who have experience with building, maintaining, and managing COTS-based software systems to join us in Ottawa, Canada at ICCBSS 2003 for an expanded program of tutorials, panels, and paper presentations.

Attendee participation is what makes any conference a success. Join us
to exchange ideas about current best practices and promising research
directions for working with COTS software in large or critical systems.

If you are interested in participating -- either by submitting a contribution or by attending ICCBSS 2003 -- please visit our Web site for more details: http://seg.iit.nrc.ca/iccbss/call-contribution.html

For More Information, contact:

Pierre Lamoureux
ICCBSS2003 Secretariat
National Research Council Canada
Bldg. M-19, 1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0R6
Phone: 613 / 993-9431
FAX: 613 / 993-7250
E-mail: iccbss2003@nrc.ca