ICSPI 2002

International Conference on
Software Process Improvement
Washington DC Area
November 18-21, 2002

Call of Papers/Presentations

To maintain the high quality of the program, we are still looking for more high quality proposals. Please submit your proposal by June 30

Copies of presentations and papers for accepted proposals are due October 7, 2002

The International Institute for Software Process (IISP) and
Software Dimensions are launching the first International
Conference on Software Process Improvement. ICSPI promises to
focus only on practical methods to improve software processes
around the organization independent of any specific assessment
model. ICSPI 2002 program will feature presentations by world
leading authorities in software
process improvement.

Important Dates

June 30, 2002: Proposals for papers and presentations are due August 12, 2002: Notification of acceptance/rejection will be mailed out
October 7, 2002: Copies of presentations and papers are due

Topics of interest include:

* Project Management and Estimation
* Configuration management
* Requirement Management
* Risk Management
* Process Definition and Process Modeling
* Process Improvement
* Internal and External Assessment
* CMM and CMMI Experiences
* SEPG Experience
* Software Quality Assurance
* Quality Management
* Measurements
* Defect Prediction and Prevention
* Human Resource Development
* Inspections

Proposals dealing with other topics will also be considered.

All accepted proposals are awarded a free admission to the
two-day conference and a copy of the conference proceedings.
In addition, the best paper or presentation as judged by the
conference delegates will be invited as a featured presentation
in the following conference.

The acceptance of the proposal does NOT guarantee acceptance of
the presentation or paper. Presentations and papers must address
all issues proposed in the abstract to be accepted.


All submissions must be sent via e-mail to the Conference Chair,
Dr. Magdy S. Hanna at Hanna@software-process-institute.com as follows:

* One file in MS Word or RTF format containing all items listed below
* One file in MS Word or RTF format containing the paper if submitted
* One file in PowerPoint format containing the presentation if submitted

Do not include any part of your submission in the body of the message

Submission Rules

Please note that the submission of a paper implies the availability of
the author to make the presentation at the conference. No paper will be accepted unless it is presented.

Any submission that does not follow exactly these rules will not be
considered by the program committee.

Submissions must include ALL items below in this order:

1. Presentation or paper title
2. Author's name, title, and company. If more than one author,
indicate who will be presenting.
3. Mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and E-mail address 4. Detailed biography indicating specific experiences with the subject
of the presentation or paper.
5. A narrative description of the concepts covered
6. A detailed bulleted outline of the presentation
7. Five to six bullets corresponding to the learning objectives. 8. Indicate whether the material was presented before and name and
date of the event.
9. Indicate whether your submission is for a paper and presentation
or for a presentation only. No paper-only submissions will be considered. 10. If presentation slides or a paper is available, include a copy
in different file. This will provide more information to the review

Proposals and presentations must meet the following guidelines

1. Do not include any company specific terms or acronyms unless defined
2. Must focus on what can be learned
3. Must not propose any introductory or text-book type material 4. The focus must be on specific experiences rather than vague advice 5. Must not promote any service or products

Jean James, CSTE
J.James Consulting, Inc.