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Learn how to use inner conflict productively and get a chance to win a copy of Boris Beizer's book, Black Box Testing. Five copies will be given away at this meeting courtesy of Empirix.

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John Pustaver
Director, Software Quality Group of New England
Region I Councilor, ASQ Software Division

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Software Quality Group Meeting

Meetings of the Software Quality Group are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each
month at the facilities of Sun Microsystems, Burlington (Driving directions below).

MEETING DAY & DATE: Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2002 TIME: 6:00 PM Networking, 6:30 PM Presentation

HEADLINE: Anna Allison Memorial Presentation, Decision Making from the Inside Out

SPEAKER: Rick Brenner, Chaco Canyon Consulting

MORE INFO: John Pustaver, 978-443-4254,

LOCATION: Sun Microsystems, Burlington (Driving directions below)


Why do we say, ďIíve got to do XYZ,Ē and somehow it never happens, even though we get inspired after a meeting or a conference or an article or a book? Most of us enjoy some parts of our jobs more than others. We get a little out of balance, investing energy where itís least needed. Why? And what can we do about it?

We sometimes find ourselves with goals or responsibilities that inherently conflict. When decisions are difficult, or when we mysteriously get stuck on the execution, inner conflict could be a factor. We either canít decide, or we fool ourselves into believing we have decided when we really havenít.
In this highly interactive presentation, weíll look at how we can manage our inner conflict, at how we can detect it, deal with it, or even better, resolve it. And weíll learn how inner conflict helps determine how we make decisions, both professional and personal.
This program is for anybody with responsibilities that may conflict. Itís highly interactive, and has great potential for inner learning. Come prepared for funand insight into your own personal decision-making.

Rick Brenner is principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. He works with people in problem-solving organizations that are making products so novel or complex that they need state-of-the-art teamwork and stronger relationships between their people. In his 20 years as a software developer, software development manager, entrepreneur, consultant and coach, he has developed valuable insights into the interactions between people in complex dynamic environments, and between people and the technological media in which they work.

Mr. Brenner has held positions at Symbolics, Inc., and at Draper Laboratory, both of Cambridge, Massachusetts. At Symbolics, he was responsible for development of products based on Macsyma, a computer algebra system. At Draper, he was a principal investigator in a DARPA program, the Evolutionary Design of Complex Software, where he conducted research into advanced concepts for software development environments based on dynamic object-oriented programming languages. Since 1993, he has taught Spreadsheet Models for managers, a course he devised, at the Harvard University Extension School.

Mr. Brenner holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT. His current interests focus on improving personal and organizational effectiveness in abnormal situations, such as dramatic change, technical emergencies, and high-pressure project environments. He has written a number of essays on these subjects, available at his Web site,, and writes and publishes a weekly email newsletter, Point Lookout.

NEXT MEETING NOTE: Our next meeting will be held Apr 10, 2002: Mark Shelley, Metrics

2001-2002 Software Quality Group Calendar

Sep 12, 2001: James Isaak, Web Page Engineering
Oct. 10, 2001: Steve Rakitin, Writing Software Requirements
Nov. 14, 2001: Jim Over, SEI, Personal Software Process (PSP) and Team Software Process (TSP).
Dec. 12, 2001: Phil Hollows, Best Practices in Web Load Testing
Jan 9, 2002: Bill Silver, Demonstration of Test Design and Automation
Feb. 13, 2002: Eric Patel, Career Development Activities for the SQA and Test Professional
Mar. 13, 2002: Anna Allison Memorial Presentation, Rick Brenner, Meet Your Executive Committee
Apr 10, 2002: Mark Shelley, Metrics
May 8, 2002: Marc Rene, Defect Tracking and Reporting
June 12, 2002: David Heimann, Implementing Metrics in a Software Development Project - A Case Study
July 10, 2002: Annual Hot Topics Night
August 2002: NO MEETING

The Software Quality Group holds monthly meetings. Topics covered at these
meetings have included software testing, inspections, ISO 9000, metrics
configuration management, and demonstrations of vendor QA tools. There is no

The Software Quality Group meets monthly at 6:15pm on the second Wednesday
of the month at the facilities of Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA.
Driving directions:
From 128/95
Take the Rt. 3 exit heading north (not the Middlesex Turnpike exit if you're coming form the south).
From Rt. 3N take the first exit (which is Rt. 62 - Bedford Ave).
Turn east toward Burlington.
Approximately 0.3 mile after the interchange, turn right onto Network Drive, which leads to the campus on your right.
Take the second drive off of Network Drive into the Sun parking lot.
Park in the visitor lot and enter the lobby opposite the Sun clock tower.

Information about future meetings will be available on the Software Quality
Page at To be on the email
distribution list, send a note to

The Software Quality Group is cosponsored by Sun Microsystems and the ASQ Software Division and
all are welcome.

Directors of the Software Quality Group are John Pustaver, Region I Councilor, American Society for
Quality Software Division, Eric Patel, Deputy Regional Councilor, ASQ-SD, Michele Rupert and Jack Morrison of
Sun Microsystems.

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