Hello all...

This month's Segue users group meeting in silicon valley will be held on 4/18 @ 7:00pm at Segue's new and larger building.

90 Albright way, Los Gatos, CA

Last month we had John discuss some really cool SilkTest code.
This month Terry Horwath will be brining in his SilkTest library for presentation.
This month we'll also do a (bring your own problem to be solved session, time permitting)
Next month, I (AJ) will be giving a training session on using and developing with SilkPerformer. This session will be unlike all previous sales like sessions... This one will actually teach you how to use the product

Please RSPV (Reply to this message) before attending and make sure you attend, the meeting place will be at Segue from now on

Map: http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?&ad...=Los+Gatos,+CA

AJ Alhait
BetaSoft Inc.