Weekend Testing Sessions have been done over the years using Skype where a facilitator suggests an agenda, the testers then test an agreed upon application utilizing specific testing techniques. After a period of time of testing is completed in the 2hr session, the facilitator then asks for experiences testers had while testing. A typing discussion surrounds the testing experiences, bugs found and inspiration of testing heuristics.

These sessions were/are geared for beginner testers, advanced testers and even those who have many years of experience testing, mentoring and leading. Anyone interested can gain inspiration from these sessions as we all can learn from one another if we engage.

Let’s try something new! The objective is still the same: to gain inspiration, knowledge and experience working with one another. However, rather than using Skype and typing out our agendas, findings and discussions, let’s have an interactive conversation as if we’re all in the same meeting room. We’re going to use a new FREE tool called Concert-Oh! Town Meeting. This is a tool where we have an online meeting asking questions directly to one another.

For those who wish to participate, each will get an opportunity to take the microphone and talk about what you want to test. What do you want to learn? Or perhaps share an experience you had while testing. Think of this moment as an elevator talk or a “Lightening Talk”. I will then put together all the subjects/areas/skills together in an experience report to share with all participants. And let’s test this tool – the Concert-Oh! Town Meeting.

Would you like to share? Here’s a great way to get some experience speaking or presenting in an informal environment, and this is a great way to build your resume – participating in these sessions which we expect to do monthly with topics you wish to learn. We welcome new facilitators as well.

Our first Weekend Testing Americas session is on Dec 1st and I will be facilitating on Saturday at Noon EST/9AM PST. We will be recording the session which will be available for participants only to listen.

For convenience, we’ll have a different date/time on Thursday Dec 6th at 9PM EST/6PM PST and facilitated by Michael Larsen. The expectation of the session style will be the same. If you wish to participate in both sessions, go for it!

If you would like to be a part of this experience, please log into http://www.concert-oh.com and create an account. To join, at the date and time of the chosen session, select “Meetings” on the top right, under your profile name. Search for “Weekend Testers America” and select the date of the session you are attending. Select “Join” and you can choose to allow the webcam work if you would like or deny it. But selecting “allow” will not publish your video image unless you select “Publish”.

We’re very excited about this session and my expectations is a lot of stories and ideas exchange. I will plan to start with one story/Lightening Talk on a test I did while testing a mobile device which opened up my eyes wide to Mobile Testing. Come join me and tell me your stories and tests. Let’s learn together.