Happy New Year Everyone!

We're talking about METRICS! YES! Everyone's Favorite Topic! Bosses use them! Certified PMP's love them!



6:00pm until 6:30pm is socializing.
6:30pm we kick off the topic of the evening.
8:30pm everyone goes home.




At the last meeting the topic of metrics came up. We tabled it for the next meeting, and here it is.

What metrics should a tester collect?
What metrics should a tester report?
What metrics should a tester want from other teammates?
What metrics are abused? *cough* bug count *cough*

Come and talk about what metrics your team is, or should be using, reviewing, and making decisions from.

We are at The Factory, 38 West Fulton Suite 420, Grand Rapids, MI, Grand Rapids, MI - on the 4th Floor!