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    Front Range Open Space Software Testing Conference

    ThinkTalkTest, Ltd., co-founded by Ben Simo and Heidi Harmes-Campbell, is pleased to announce the first FROSST (Front Range Open Space Software Testing) conference.

    FROSST 1 will be held on October 10th and 11th in Westminster, Colorado.

    * Friday, 10 October, 6pm to 9pm
    * Saturday, 11 October, 9am to 6pm

    The purpose of this conference is to facilitate collaboration amongst software testers in Colorado and beyond. Invite your friends and colleagues.

    FROSST is free to all participants. Anyone with something to share or learn about software testing is welcome. Participation is limited to the first 150 testers that sign up. Sign up now to claim a spot.

    FROSST is an open space conference. This means that the participants will create the agenda for the conference. This will be done leading up to the event through a yahoo group and discussions the first evening of the conference. If you have something to present, propose it. If there is something you want to learn, ask about it. This is a participatory conference.

    Please see www.FROSSTCON.com for more information. Join the FROSSTCON Yahoo Group for the latest information and to participate in planning for the event.

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    FROSST by the Numbers

    We've been reading some hype over the date being 8/8/08. Many consider 8 to be a lucky number. The Olympics stated today on 08/08/08 at 08:08:08 PM.

    I am a skeptic when it comes to numbers. When I am presented with numbers and another's conclusion about them, I like to apply Darrell Huff's 5 (not a lucky 7 or 8) questions to talk back to a statistic. These questions help me test the numbers and better understand what they do and do not mean.

    * Who says so?
    * How do they know?
    * What's missing?
    * Did somebody change the subject?
    * Does it make sense?

    So, now that you are armed with a testing checklist in the form of these 5 questions, here are some numbers about the upcoming FROSST conference.

    FROSST starts in 63 days, on 10/10 at 6pm, on 121st Avenue.

    FROSST currently has 2 Champion Sponsors (ProtoTest and Current Consulting) and 1 Friend Sponsor (Connected Testing). FROSST is also supported by 2 software tester organizations: SQuAD and AST. There are 2 Champion Sponsor slots remaining. FROSST is organized by ThinkTalkTest, Ltd., a partnership of 2 testers.

    FROSST currently has 98 participants registered from 68 companies in 21 Colorado cities, plus locations in 3 other states. Colorado plus 3 make 4; the number of duplicate registrations we had to remove from the rolls. Colorado was the 38th state admitted to the Union; 0n 08/01/1876. Only 7 days later, Thomas Edison received patent 180857 for his autographic printing machine.

    The sum of attendee work phone numbers is 84728864327. Colorado has 4 telephone area codes and 557 5-digit ZIP codes. The minimum cost for mailing a letter between these zip codes is 42 cents. I read that the answer is 42. I just haven't figured out the question.

    Slightly higher than 42: I'm surprised to learn that 43.97755% of registered participants are Professional Engineers or drive trains. 55.81395 percent of these engineers expressed interest in automation. I would have expected these engineers to be interested in bridges, not test automation. Although they do seem to care more about test automation than the approximately 45.918367346938775510204081632653% of registered attendees that are interested in automation.

    Exactly 26% of participants care about Agile testing. The Agile Manifesto contains 4 elements. There are 7 Basic Principles of the Context-Driven Testing School. School crossing signs have 5 sides. Colorado children leave elementary school after the 5th grade.

    3 registered FROSST participants are named David. In 1906, the name David was the 31st most popular name given to baby boys in the United States. 100 years later, in 2006, the numbers transposed and David was number 13. The Antlers Hilton, site of CAST 2009, has 13 floors. I think the movie The 13th Floor is really about software testing.


    Add up all these numbers and what do we get ...

    * FROSST is going to be a great conference
    * We still need sponsors
    * Refer your friends and colleagues

    Go to http://www.FROSSTCON.com for more info.

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    FREE Software Testing Conference

    Registration for FROSST is exceeding our expectations. We've got less than 35 slots left.

    FROSST is a FREE open space testing conference that will be help October 10th and 11th in Westminster, Colorado.

    See http://www.FROSSTCON.com for more information.

    Want to create awareness for your business amongst Colorado software testers? Become a sponsor. See http://sponsor.FROSSTCON.com for information about becoming a sponsor.



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