I've been recently assigned to re-design a few pages on Canada.ca where I need to establish a more usable layout for a "gallery" format. I thought I should share with you on how I did a heuristic evaluation for this project. Feel free to give some of your input as well. Why not read heuristics from different perspectives other than from just my own and colleagues'.

The page that I've evaluated is the Mobile centre - Canada.ca.

I have posted the evaluations/questions on Github as well which is a great open source site to connect and share ideas.
The link to the heuristic evaluation is here: Mobile Centre evaluation

I based most of the evaluations on Nielson's 10 general principles of interaction design. If you would like to answer the evaluations, you can either post them in the Github links as a comment or here, whatever works for you!

Thanks a lot for sharing, hope to hear some interesting input from some of you!