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    abt blackbox testing

    Hi everybody,

    I am new to testing field. I have experience in unit testing(cobol,db2,Pl/1) and now into accessibility testing.
    I wanted to know the scope of accessibility testing.Does accessibility testing come under Blackbox testing?

    Kindly advice me any certification which would be useful for my career in testing.

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    Re: abt blackbox testing

    accessibility testings scope will depend on the organisational standards, the local legal standards and the need or not to comply with the 3wc standards on this. It can be, might is not exclusively, a black box testing exercise.
    Test certification, or certification to specific technologies, may or may not be of value to you in your testing career. If they are applicable in domains you wish to working they may add value, if they are recognised by potential employers they may add value by increasing your employability or giving you an "edge" over non certified applicicants. If this is as a primary form of learning and the forms of testing are applicable to what you do then they may also give you some benefit.
    It is all dependent on your context and the goals you aspire to. My testing career does not seem to be impacted by my lack of pieces of paper or plaques on wood, imho.
    Neill McCarthy
    Agile Testers of the World UNIT!

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