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    SIP protocol testing

    hi all..
    Can anybody send me sample testcases for SIP protocl. i am using seimens proxy and 2 soft phones.
    some sample testcases to test SIP stack.
    It wud be gr8 help for me. Running the SIP stack in REDHAT Linux 9

    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks n Regards

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    Re: SIP protocol testing

    If it must run on the redhat stack, then you are limited to software agents which support your build. I would look at the VOIP toolsets from either Ixia Communications or NetIQ, both have software agents that have supported various redhat builds in the past.
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    Re: SIP protocol testing

    I didn't understand your message.Can u tell where can i get clear my doubts related to SIP and VIOP.

    thanks n Regards
    Thanks n Regards



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