I am a Unix Newbie and am trying to harden my OS. I am changing some settings in ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, TCP and UDP according to the OS Hardening doc (blueprint) found on Sun Microsystems site.

Can someone tell me how do I test if these services are disabled other than checking the scripts? Are there commands which I need to run or some steps I need to follow? And what would be the expected output?
The following are the details,

- ARP Cache entries timeout
- IP routing table entries timeout

- Echo Request Broadcast
- Echo Request Multicast
- Timestamp Request Broadcast
- Address Mask Broadcast
- Receiving Redirect Errors
- Sending Redirect Errors

- IP forwarding
- Strict Destination Multihoming
- Forwarding Directed Broadcasts
- Forwarding Source Routed Packets

- SYN FLood Attacks
- Connection Exhaustion Attacks
- IP Spoofing Attacks
- TCP Reverse Source Routing