Do not override the default layout properties with an element selector rule, as this creates maintenance difficulties when the expected behavior for most uses of the element is changed. The example:
P { margin:0; }
will no longer provide paragraph breaks. If this is the desired behavior in one scenario, create an id or class selector instead. Note: this does not apply to colors or fonts, or any element that is guaranteed to adhere to the new layout consistently across the site (<body&gt.
Ensure classes and ids identify what an element represents, not how it should look, e.g. "page-title" = good, "column-1" or "white-border" = bad
Only create common classes and ids across pages where the elements themselves are common, e.g. "page-title" is used on almost all pages and is identical when it is; "vehicle-image" might also appear on many pages as well, but be a different size, have different margins and border on the inventory list view vs the model showroom screen.
Class selectors should be used for items that occur multiple times in one page, id selectors should be used for unique items
CSS rules embedded within FTL files should be removed and distributed to the template css files to insulate the individual templates from global rule changes.
Rules should be created within the stylesheets for inline CSS styles.