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Thread: search by DATE

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    search by DATE

    if search by date is from 14-15, then
    results will display all records dated from 14 and 15
    or only 14 not 15th???

    ***what if the search date is from 14-14, will it show the records or no records???

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    Re: search by DATE

    sandra123, it will depend.
    Not knowing the context of the specification on the unit I cannot tell how the system under test is expected to react. Possible results could include, but are not limited to:

    If date field for search formatted to just Date in a specific month and can accept multiple dates in format specified and dates expressed have lapsed
    Then, results for date 14th and 15th of that month are returned (Display sequence may be all 14th then all 15th, or no sequence of priority but that function may reside in another unit)
    Else, system is coded to accept only first two digits as date and returns all 14th items of specified month.

    If the context is that the format 14-15 is invalid then I would expect an error message to this effect if it was not month specific I would look for all records with these dates returned until there were none left. If the field was set for date - month then i would expect an error to be returned (or a call from this unit to the error function) as this is not a valid date - month combination.

    The same selection of conditional responces would be possible in the 14-14 example added.

    Still need more context, sorry.

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