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    vector cast/C++ test - unit testing tool

    Hi all,

    does anyone have any experience with vector cast tool or C++ test tool. These are the unit testing tools.

    If anyone is aware of any other good unit testing tool for c++ code, please list them. Also, please list the pros/cons of the tool you know of.

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    Re: vector cast/C++ test - unit testing tool

    Take a look at CTesK at http://unitesk.com/products/ctesk/.

    It can do more that simple unit-testing of single methods. It is intended to testing systems with state (object oriented ones, bunches of C functions that work with common data etc.) The focus is on testing semantically complex functionality.

    UniTesK - a technology of software testing based on rigorous approaches.

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    Re: vector cast/C++ test - unit testing tool

    you also could have a look to CTA++ from Testwell
    It is a easy to use unit testing tool for C/C++.
    Integratet in several IDEs. Evaluations available.
    Klaus Lambertz
    Verifysoft Technology
    Offenburg, Germany



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