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    Re: How will you ensure that unit test policy is being implemented

    You might investigate some of the principles in Agile Development or Extreme Programming, where a build cannot occur until 100% of the unit tests pass. Perhaps you could alter your configuration management software to systematically enforce this rule, by running the unit tests, checking the results, and then delivering the build. What do you think?

    Another less drastic approach is to have a tool which tracks when the unit tests have been executed, but doesn't prohibit builds.
    Tim Van Tongeren

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    How will you ensure that unit test policy is being implemented


    If any one of you have answer or material please let me know


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    Re: How will you ensure that unit test policy is being implemented

    You can also use your defect tracking tool to help with this. Add a category to define which type of test defect it is, like performance, system, regression and Unit.

    By this I mean if you find a functionality defect, it is a system testing defect. If the system is slow, it is a performance defect.

    If it is something like a typo or grammer error on the window, that is a unit testing defect.

    Make a quick list of what you think constitutes a Unit Testing Defect. This is any type of defect that should have been caught in Unit Testing. You should never find these defects when you are in System, Regression or Performance Testing. Make sure the rest of the Testers follow the quick list so you are following a standard.

    Once you start tracking these, you can then get counts/reports on them and then you will have proof whether or not Unit testing is actually being done. You will also be able to see which programmers are testing and which ones are not.

    This may sound like a underhanded way to figure this out, but no one can argue if you have data backing up your claim.


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    Re: How will you ensure that unit test policy is being implemented

    UNIT testing is done within the domain of development. You will usually find that this is not done and QA has to pitch in. This is specially true for small/new software companies. First thing that one needs to make sure if the development has defined some standards for their development. They should UNIT test as per these standards.

    When you can start system testing, you can make few checks and you will realise if UNIT testing has been done or not. Definitely transparency between development team and testing team also helps.

    Testing team can not improve the quality they can only enforce a minimum level.




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