Bug Location and Patch Analysis with Squish Coco 3.4 | froglogic blog

Besides several smaller improvements, this new release of Squish Coco features two innovative, new features to help developers use code coverage data to analyze the impact of source code patches and find potential bug locations in the source code:

Extended Patch Analysis. With this feature, a source code patch can be analyzed to find out which tests have covered the modified code. The analysis identifies the impact areas of the changes and the associated vulnerabilities. This extends the Squish Coco 3.3 pre-commit patch analysis feature, which analyzed the impact of a patch only before it was committed.

Bug Location. This feature allows computing, based on coverage data, a list of source code lines which are most likely responsible for a failure in the test suite and therefore likely are the location of buggy source code.

Two More Report Modes. The HTML coverage report now has a new tree display mode for functions and for source files, in addition to the existing modes. The tree display makes navigation easier especially in large projects.

The release notes of Squish Coco 3.4 can be found at Squish Coco

To evaluate Squish Coco 3.4, please visit https://www.froglogic.com/squish/evaluate_coco.php