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I hope you can help me with this:

We created 1000+ tests in our solution. The problem is that they can't be run all in one batch - VSTestHost process simply dies with System.OutOfMemoryException. That's because it is 32 bit process and when it exceeds 2GB it dies. Ok.. Now the question is why is it happens?

I've tried to profile testlist with 3-4 tests with JetBrains in order to find memory leaks. By the way - did anyone do such thing? I've created .bat-file with MsTest.exe. Then in [TestInitialize()] i've added MessageBox.Show("Start"); and began to make snapshots when this dialogbox appeared. The magic is that there are no memory leaks(+2000 bytes - almost no), but also there are no our classes. So, obviously, what I do to find memory leaks is wrong. I see that VSTestHost process eats a lot of memory with each passing test. Even 50 tests kills process with Memory exception.

So did anyone encountered such problem? And how to profile VsTestHost on memory leaks?

Maybe you can advise me where can I post this message to get an answer?