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Thread: QA Training

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    QA Training

    Hi everyone,

    can anyone pls tell me where to get QA training in NY or NJ?. i need it asap. thanks.

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    Re: QA Training

    Shady - I have moved your question to a separate thread. In future please do not hijack other discussions.

    As for your question - what do you mean by "QA Training"?
    Are you aware that "QA" is different from "QC"?
    Do you have specific topics you wish to explore?
    Have you browsed other discussions in this forum for ideas?

    The thread you originally posted to was regarding certifications, but the link to QAI may be good place to start your quest.

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    Re: QA Training

    One other thing, Shady08, please do not ask for things "asap" here. Since we are all volunteers, we are not motivated by how important your question might be to you.



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