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Tutors Profile
6 to 9 years of Experience in IT(Quality Assurance) and Worked for different MNCs. Working Experience in Many tools like QTP, Winrunner. Experience in using Quality Center and automating different applications

Vijayanagar, bangalore

End to End Quality Center

4 Days (Saturday and Sundays only)

On dates April 12, 13, 19, and 20


Sharath@ 99860 73544

Intended Audience
- Quality Center Users who will assume technical lead roles or team lead roles in the use of test management process and automated test tools

- Other users of Quality Center who need to customize and manage their testing effort (manual or automated tests).

- New users of Quality Center who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short amount of time.

Quality Center 9.0

Course Content

================================================== ========
Introduction to Quality Center
- Benefits of Quality Center as a Test Management Tool
- Quality Center Architecture
- Installing Quality Center

Site Administration
- Creating Domains/ Projects
- Creating Site Admin
- Creating Project Users
- Associating Users to the Project
- Different User Roles

Project Customization groups and users
- Customizing Groups-Adding Users to the group
- Customizing Users-Associating Groups to Users
- Creating New Project Users

Working with Requirements
- Building requirements tree
- Creating and Defining requirements
- Different Views
- Tracking the status of requirements
- Copying and deleting requirements
- Copying and deleting requirements

Working with Tests
- Creating Manual Tests
- Adding Design Steps
- Adding Parameters to Design Steps
- Configuring a tests to call other tests
- Creating Automated Tests
- Managing Automated Tests
- Generating Automated Tests from Design steps
- Mapping tests to requirements
- Requirements Coverage
- Different Views
- Generating Tests from Requirements

Creating Test Sets and Executing Tests
- Creating Test Sets
- Selecting and Running Tests
- Running Test Sets
- Scheduling automated test execution
- Defining execution flow
- Test Set Properties
- Recording and reviewing test execution results

- Tracking the status of Tests in Test Sets and Test Plan sections
- Tracking the status of requirements

Managing/Tracking Defects
- Add/Modify Defects
- Duplicate Defects
- Defect Details
- Defect Tracking
- Mapping defects to Test cases
- Mapping defects to Test Sets and Test Instances
- Mapping defects to requirements
- Review of a sample defect life cycle
- Saving favorite defect lists
- Searching for existing defects

Importing Data
- Installing the Microsoft Office and Excel Add-Ins
- Setting up the Excel macros and Word settings
- Formatting requirements, test plan, and defects data in Excel files
- Formatting requirements, test plan, data in Word files
- Exporting data from Word/Excel to Quality Center
- Preparing the Excel file for import
- Using the Excel Export Wizard

Project Customization
- Customizing Module Access
- Customizing Project Lists, and Entities
- Adding Additional fields to different sections of Quality Center
- Adding/Modifying data to different fields of Quality Center
- Configuring Mail

Other Features
- Filters
- Refresh
- Selecting Columns to view
- Mailing Requirements and Defects
- Information About Add-Ins

Reports and Graphs
- Analysis menu graphs and reports
- Using the Graph Wizard
- Filtering and organizing data for reports and graphs
- Generating and Analyzing reports
- Generating and Analyzing graphs
- Generating formatted project documentations
- Customizing Reports
- Live Analysis

Document Generator
- Creating reports with the Document Generator

Project Implementation

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