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    ISTQB or CSQE for Australia

    I may move to Australia , wondering which certificate may be more accepted/suitable for the Australian job market?
    any feed back from an Aussie would be appreciated.
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    Re: ISTQB or CSQE for Australia

    Hi chillyhouse,
    I think ISTQB is more accepted as courses and certifications are being run here down under.
    ISEB is also well recognised but seems to be slowly phasing out to be replaced by ISTQB.
    This does not mean that a CSQE certification is not suitable. I am sure many companies would know the value of such certification.

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    Re: ISTQB or CSQE for Australia

    Hi Chillyhouse,

    I belive (from what I see in job adverts and talking to companies HR deps) that the ISTQB is more recognised on an international level (like for ex. here in Europe). I would not know about Australia, but if you plan to work abroad, then the ISTQB might be the better choice right now.


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    Re: ISTQB or CSQE for Australia

    I recently researched this topic to recommend a standard certification at a national (Australian) level within my company. ISTQB appears to be the way to go.
    Marianne Colwell



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