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Thread: CSTE

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    I am planning to appear for CSTE. I have heard a book called CSTE is enough for you to get through the exam. IS it true? or any other resourse is needed?

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    Re: CSTE

    Never heard of "a book called CSTE" - unless you are referring to the CBOK. In that case... Yes, it's enough - providing you have experience to relate to it as well.

    If not, suggest you study - a lot. Especially on-the-job.

    Also search for "books" discussions on this site and go from there. Check the Newbie/Fresher forum for a place to start.

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    Re: CSTE

    Adding to P_G_in,

    CBOK is the common body of knowledge and there are many many books.

    When you apply for the CSTE exam, they send you a study guide.

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    Re: CSTE

    Hi, i also interest to apply for the exam, can anyone tell me if the exam very difficult to pass?
    what is the passing rate for the exams?
    I guess the cert really will help in SQA career advancement, is it true?

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    Re: CSTE

    I passed the first time taking the test. I studied a couple of hours each day for about 6 months.

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    Re: CSTE

    Can any one give me the appropriate details regarding CSTE ? i just though about doing it but don't have suffcient ddetails about it.

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    Re: CSTE

    Browse this forum. Please look over the topic titles and select those that appear to have fruit.

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    Re: CSTE

    If you are new to testing (about 2-3 years max. experience) the CBOK alone will not be enough to get you through the exam. You will need to have studied other areas (Root Cause Analysis for one) and have some real world experience to get through it. This is my opinion.

    I took the CSTE exam and passed it first time out, but I had already been a CSTE through the original petition based program when it first started (which I think was better in my opinion). But I had 15 years of industry experience going in, had read numerous books on Testing and QA during my career and studied the CBOK for 4 months (about 10-12 hrs a week). When I read the CBOK I found myself having to unlearn some of the my "street smarts" knowledge and relearn the "book smarts" knowledge. QAI has a very specific way of looking at Testing & QA practices/methodologies. But you need to do this to understand the questions in the exam and relay back the information in the context they want it.

    In as far as has it helped my career, a little. I do get asked about my certification, but it is not a key element to my getting a job. It never has, I do it mainly for the feeling that I have validated my skills/knowledge in my profession.

    Being an ex-scuba instructor (I live in Colorado now, not much to dive in here, and have a family, which means I don't have the time or money anymore) there is a saying we used to use: "Certified does not mean qualified".

    And I have met some CSTE, CSQA, CSQE, CQA (ad naseum) people who passed the exam but couldn't test an application to save their lives. And I have met some people without certifications that are just incredible testers.

    My advice... take the exam to prove to yourself that you are "credible".

    For all the general stuff to know about QA/Test go here http://www.softwareqatest.com/

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    Re: CSTE


    Try QAIUSA.com. They have the requirements to take the exam, registration etc.

    I found the certifications very help in my career. One requirement is to get continuing credits. That process led me to my current position.

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    Re: CSTE

    Hi! I recently passed CSTE. From my experience I can tell you that you need to read the CSTE Prep Guide AKA CBOK at least twice in order to pass the exam. In addition you should check CSTE newsgroups where people discuss exam related questions.
    It took me 1.5 months to prepare for CSTE.
    I have about 2 years experience in software testing. The test includes 4 sections (2 multiple-choice and 2 essay questions). To pass the exam you have to get 75% for each section. So if you score 99% for 3 sections and 74% for one section you fail CSTE. I think that this test is not an easy one. Even if you have many years of testing experience you can fail it. The problem that many software testing terms are defined differently in different books and resources. You have to answer questions 'by CBOK' otherwise you won't pass multiple-choice questions. Also as you understand essay answers are marked by people so scores may be subjective for them. I don't know if CSTE helps you to make your career. I got a big bonus and a raise so far. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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