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    Re-entering QA Field

    Good Morning!

    I've been out of the QA/Verification Test field for about 4 years (due to division closing). I went into the Real Estate arena with the intentions of going back into QA, but I started running into road blocks due to the length of time out of the market as well the requirements of current jobs such as web based testing, pos, and/or mortgage/credit industry testing experience.

    Since this is the case I feel that my only option is to go back to school. I have 6+ years experience testing on AccessNode, xDSL, and TransportNode products in the telecom industry.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions on schools/classes/certifications in the Metro Atlanta Area that will give me the tools in need to re-enter the market?


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    Re: Re-entering QA Field


    Keep in mind that your experience has been in the technical arena, rather than in business software testing, so you may need to emphasize how these skills are applicable to more mundane assignments (hiring managers don't engage in creative thought at this level).

    Sometimes what it takes it to stand out for more business-like reasons so that a hiring manager is reassured that you are not just pure technical (I don't think there is anything wrong with that by the way). Check out: www.6sigmastudy.com. This is a website that offers 6Sigma training at low cost that might just be what you need to market your skills and to turn those 6 years into assets for your next job. While you are at it, try to gain some personal experience with exploratory testing and test script writing, and create a portfolio that you can show prospective employers.

    You probably already know your stuff, you just need to package it to get into the door.
    Frits Bos, PMP



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