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    Information on CBOK and CSTE


    For the past few days I have been researching on how to take the CSTE . I have been through some other forms where people are referring to CBOK(Common Body Of Knowledge., i guess). They say that it's important to read this atleast 3 times before the exam..

    Can someone please clarify if CBOK reference material is different from the CSTE Study Guide. If not can you please let me know where can I buy these materials..

    All please let me know of any other books that i need to be reading to PASS the exam..


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    Re: Information on CBOK and CSTE

    When you order the CSTE book, it will list a number of books that was the common body of language. Questions can come from any of these books.

    I have heard that they are adding to the CBOK for next year. I just went to the QAI conference and that was mentioned.

    I studied my guide. I did not just read it.

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    Re: Information on CBOK and CSTE

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for responding.. Can you clarify on what do you mean by " I have heard that they are adding to the CBOK for next year".
    So I guess i will start studying the guide.

    Also can you please let me know which certification has more weightage. Is it "CSTE" or "CSQA". Should i take both exams or is it fine if i just took one..


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    Re: Information on CBOK and CSTE

    QAI is adding more topics to the CBOK. You need to decide when you are going to take the exam. A new study guide is coming out with updated items.

    QAI mentioned that they are going to have advanced and Master level certifications. More to come out in the next few months.

    I went ahead and did both exams. What type of work are you currently doing? If it is processes, start with CSQA, Testing CSTE. Some of the CBOK is duplicated in each cert. CSQA has some testing and CSTE has some processes. Then do the second one because you have momentum.

    Do not just read the study guide, take notes. The notes can travel with you. I studied in lines at stores, Dr. offices. You would be surprised what a burst of five minute studying can do.



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