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    Ceritifcation on QTP

    Hi to all,
    As iam intrested in doing some certification, and particularly iam intrested in doing some certification on QTP, as i am working on this tool...is this is best or else doing general ceritification like CSTE is best....to my career developement...please suggest me...and also i appriciate if any one who finished there certification in QTP can send some information regarding this and Question on this....

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ceritifcation on QTP

    hi suresh if u know any econamical fees structured certifications? i m begganer in testing. plz guide me.

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    Re: Ceritifcation on QTP

    What is the Fees for QTP 8.0. Please let me Know


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    Re: Ceritifcation on QTP

    The fee for the QTP certification exam is $1200 from Mercury Interactive. Further information can be found at http://www.merc-training.com/MAIN/menu/certification/ ... Hope this helps.

    In my opinion, the QTP certification would be worth more but the CSTE is a general knowledge test where as the QTP is a specialized tool. The cost of CSTE is $300 compared to the hefty fee that Mercury charges. Try to get the company you work for pick up some of the tab.



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