Hello Folks!

I am new to the QA world and my job responsibilities have now increased to encompass all the QA activities at my company. The current QA consultant will be leaving and has recommended a set of courses for me to take. I would like to know if anyone has taken these course and can provide me with thoughts or opinions on them.

We are using Rational Software. Specifically, Test Manager and will begin using XDE Tester. I would need to focus on the XDE Tester, but will also need to gain a better understanding of QA in general. I need to quickly be brought up to speed.

These are the courses that we are considering:

IBM Courses:
TST278: Essentials of Functional Testing with Rational XDE Tester (Course Code RT501)

TST275: Essentials of Test Management with Rational Test Manager (Course Code RT401)

Quality Assurance Institute Course:
Boot Camp for Software Testers

Some other course that are on the back burner are:

IBM: Rational TEAMTEST Fundamentals for Performance Testing

IBM: TST170 Principles of Software TESTING FOR TESTERS (Course Code RT101)

Thank you for your time. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Javier Prat