International Quality Conference
Transforming Challenges into Quality Solutions
October 1-3, 2003, Holiday Inn On King, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Message from Steven Barry,
Conference Chair, International Quality Conference

I am proud to introduce the three acclaimed keynote-speakers who will be presenting at the International Quality Conference, October 1-3 2003, in Toronto.

Mr. David Zubrow of the Software Engineering Institute opens the conference with What Process Appraisals Tell Us About QA: An Analysis of CMM and CMMI Findings, a lively seminar where Mr. Zubrow uncovers best practices from his analysis of findings from these appraisals.

Mr. Bill Buxton from the University of Toronto presents Outivation and Quality to kick-off day 2 of the conference. Contrary to "innovation", Mr. Buxton presents his concept of "outivation", and he explains how each discipline on a project team relates to predictable product evolution.

Ms. Carolyn Fairbank of the Quality Assurance Institute delivers Speed It UpóBut Make It Better! on day 3 of the conference. Responding to pressures to get more done in less time, Ms. Fairbank reveals how to reduce work, eliminate work, reduce rework, and do more of what you're good at, during this keynote presentation.

All keynote speakers are available during question-and-answer sessions immediately following their presentations.

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