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Thread: CSTE exam

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    CSTE exam

    Hi all,

    I am a new member of this discussion board. I am going to appear for the CSTE exam on 15th of March. Once i got a link in this QA Forums containing the CSTE sample tests. It was an exe file containg the CSTE sample tests. Can anyone send me the link please. i will be grateful.

    My email is adil@gtfs-gulf.com




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    Re: CSTE exam

    It was NOT the CSTE sample exam. It was somebody wanting to make money by misleading people into thinking it was the CSTE.
    I never saw the questions myself so I don't know if they had any value for anything.

    QAI is working to create a sample exam for the CSTE, they have one for the CSQA now. Check out http://www.softwarecertifications.com/ for the Common Body of Knowledge and other info.
    Some local chapters of QAI offer pre-exam classes. You might find one near you.

    WR Moderator - would you move this to Training and certification?

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