I've just finished one of the best professional weeks that I've ever had.

At the last minute last week, I was given the opportunity to attend the IIST annual conference for the entire week here in MN.

I can't give a huge summary quite yet, the information and education I received is still "swimming" around in my head waiting to be digested. (full brain syndrome)

If anyone gets a chance to attend any of the IIST conferences or classes please do. They do offer their education based certification exams with the classes, but best of all, they offer practical help from their real-world experiences.

These are NOT the type of classes that simply tell you to go out there and do it like they tell you, because they "said so". The instructors have put together a comprehensive and mutually complimentary program of tools and methods that they actually use in the field in their own work.

In his introductory remarks, Dr. Magdy Hanna said that all classes that were being taught had been put into practice in the field and were not simply theory. He was right on the mark. The instructors know what reality is, and they all spoke to it and to all the challenges faced by all of us every day.

The panel discussion topic was "Testing with little or no requirements." Theory doesn't know about that. This set of tutorials and conference speakers DO!

As I go over the materials I got this week, I'll be posting on some of the other appropriate forums with some of the information I received.

Not only do you learn great stuff there that's been proven effective, but you'll find that a lot of methods that you've been using and weren't sure if they were proper, are validated by the industries best and brightest. They know the shortcuts you have to take sometimes, the games you have to play, the time lines that don't let you do the job you wish you could do, and they offer help in all those areas. They face reality just as we do.

I had such a LOT of fun, and met so many nice people!!

Check out the site for other conferences and courses. http://www.softdim.com/iist/courses.htm

Jean James, CSTE
J.James Consulting, Inc.
"I deliver what I promise, and I only promise what I can deliver."