RTTS is pleased to announce that our popular TELA class (TeamTest
Expert-Level Automation) is now offered in two locations: our New York City
training facility and Rational's training center in Lexington, MA!

TELA is designed to give students the foundation in the SQABasic scripting
language necessary to create test scripts that are more robust, durable and
easier to maintain. The course includes lecture and labs.

Variables: declaration, datatypes, scope
Operators: mathematical, logical, string
Control Flow Structures: if.then.end if and select case blocks; loops
(for...next; while; do...loop)
Object Scripting
User-defined functions and sub procedures; header, source, library and
template files
Dynamic Verification Points
Robot Debugger
String parsing
Arrays: static and dynamic; single and multidimensional
Data handling techniques and routines
Files: creating, reading from, writing to
Database access through SQL calls
Win32 API functions
COM object creation
Web Testing

TELA is being offered 8/21 - 23 in New York City and 8/28 - 30 in Lexington,

For additional dates and more information about taking TELA in New York,
visit http://www.rttsweb.com/training/rational or contact Dan Chirillo at
212-240-9050 x30 or dchirillo@rttsweb.com

For more information about taking TELA at Rational's Lexington, MA campus,
go to http://www.rational.com/university/schedule/index.jsp or call