So I sent them my $100 and my book got here a few minutes ago.

Now, granted, I've spent a total of 7 minutes flipping pages, but I've noticed two things that I wonder about.

1) In the older CSTE book there were practice questions at the end of the book. None here. Were there in the CSQA book?

2) I think/wonder may I got a copy that was not fully edited. Anybody got the book? Peek at the bottom of page 4-21. There's a correction that appears to be hand edited then populated to my copy.

Am I disappointed? Well, I'm not sure yet. But it did cost $100 out of MY pocket. But if studying this helps me get my CSQA, I'll be happy.

Has anyone else bought the study guide yet?
Anyone in my neck of the woods going to do a study group this fall/winter?

Jean James, CSTE
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