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    How to go in for CMM certification

    Hello colleagues.I am working for a software company that aims at getting the CMM certification.We also need to place the QA processes in order first.Can you please guide me on the steps to be followed in this regard.


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    Re: How to go in for CMM certification

    hi gurpreet,
    I guess SEI is not in the business of CMM certification anymore...The corporation has to stick to a model and follow the guidelines...you can go to sei's website...www.sei.cmm.edu...and check what kind of CMM you want to follow...


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    Re: How to go in for CMM certification

    Its better if you sign up for some training programme. They wil provide you with a lot of guidance. It is the EASIEST choice

    But before that you will have to decide on which level you want to go for

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    Re: How to go in for CMM certification

    Tim Van Tongeren



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