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    WinRunner Training Class in Pittsburgh, PA

    Does anyone know where I can take the WinRunner training class in Pittsburgh, PA or any other location nearby by any chance? Thank you very much in advance. I really appreciate it.


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    Re: WinRunner Training Class in Pittsburgh, PA

    I haven't seen anything specific to Pittsburgh, but you could check out these online WinRunner classes. For a taste of what the course is like, try the demonstration. That way you can tell if this method is compatible with your learning style.

    I've never attended this, but there is also an ASQ chapter in Pittsburgh.

    Do you know of any other software testing resources in the area? (You'd think with CMU and SEI right here in town there would be more resources for the public like lectures and special interest groups, but maybe I just don't know where to look.)

    BTW, how do you like what they did to the Fort Pitt tunnel?
    Tim Van Tongeren

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    Re: WinRunner Training Class in Pittsburgh, PA

    Hey man, thanks a lot for your info. It seems that I probably have to take the class somewhere else. In fact, I prefer to attend a class rather than on-line classes though.

    BTW, I do not like the construction work of the Fort Pitt tunnel at all because it makes the inbound traffic so inconvenient.

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    Re: WinRunner Training Class in Pittsburgh, PA

    I had to go to Dallas to take a LoadRunner course, and I live in Delaware.

    If you have enough people in your department, you can get a consultant to come onsite and do the training.

    Some consultants may do training near Pittsburgh, but they are usually a version behind.




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