Dear reader,

In my company im the QA and Test guru... As you know that happens when one says "ok ill take that job but just for this project". Now i see the need to set up a training curriculum. My collegues and managers are "QA and Test challenged" to say the least and my first goal is to make them understand the necessity to include test and QA in their project, asign a responsible testteam to every project and plan carefully.

I want to start off with general/normal projectplanning that includes testing and QA. Then slowly drilling down to testpurposes/planning etcetera. At the end i want to give them a case for them to make a testsetup and plan.

I need some input into how i should setup this training, some resources like cases etcetera. Please help me into making these ppl understand the importance of QA and Test, were on a mission here!

Thank you very much