I thought some of you might be interested in some Testing seminars that Steve McConnell's company, Construx Software, is offering in Bellevue, WA.

REAL WORLD TESTING, September 12-13, 2001, taught by Pamela Perrott
Learn the different forms of software tests, how to develop optimal cases-functional (black-box) and structural (white-box). This course focuses on practical techniques for planning and carrying out testing on real software projects. ($995)

BLACK-BOX TESTING FUNDAMENTALS, Oct 17, 2001, taught by Eric Rimbey
In this dynamic course, attendees will learn about practical techniques for planning, designing, and executing effective black-box testing on real software projects. You will also learn to determine how much testing is enough for your project, whether your test cases are adequate, and how to minimize wasted testing effort ($495)

Hosted by Construx Software
On-line details and registration http://www.construx.com/seminars/.
Telephone: 425.372.0100.

Sharon Graham
Director of Education
Construx Software