Webinar: Topic: “Automated Software Testing: Practices that Yield Positive Results”
When: Jan 22, 2014
Time: 12 pm EST (15 min slides; 30 min demo; and 10 min Q&A)

This webinar describes various automated software testing practices that have yielded the positive results required of an automated test program. We will provide proven examples of best practices in a scriptless automated testing environment using image-based capture. Not only is it important that a capable automated software testing solution is used to meet specific automated testing requirements, but also that the appropriate capture techniques are applied. Often too much time is spent on automated software testing maintenance. This webinar will provide workaround suggestions and ideas for avoiding maintenance difficulties that can lead to shelved automated software testing solutions. You will also gain insight to the ideal requirements an automated testing solution should meet in order to be able to implement the proposed selected best practices.

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