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    QA Certification

    I would like to certification course in software QA.
    So, please tell me where should I join for Certification course.

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    Just google QA Certification and you will get several responses of companies who do QA Certification.

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    I think I would be interested to hear about which certifications people find valuable or completely worthless. For the most part, there aren't many people who major in QA. The QA job applicants I've seen are mainly devs who want to get their foot in the door. They may understand technology and how it works, but does not necessary make them good at risk mitigation, requirements analysis, troubleshooting, and a whole host of soft qualities that would make them good at QA.

    Most people who have QA certifications are those who are already working in QA with many years of experience already, and want to distinguish themselves. As someone who've had a hard find finding well qualified candidates to hire in the past, I'd like to know which certifications have proven their value, and which haven't. Unfortunately there isn't something like a well trusted Accreditation Board for accrediting QA education and certification that can certify that people which those certificates meet a certain standard.
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