I'm currently preparing for the ISTQB foundation level exam to be held next week and studying using the latest CTFL Syllabus and the book "Foundations of Software Testing" as well as some online dumps/sample papers. Unfortunately, I encounter a serious trouble when doing dumps/sample papers online.

The current online sample paper I use is: (500 Questions/Answers Sample paper 2010-2011) and I came across some questions that are not in the syllabus nor in the book. Such as "dump monkey testing", "FPA","Breadth & Depth Testing" and even some WRONG answers e.g:

"Q145- System integration testing should be done after
A. Integration testing
B. System Testing
C. Unit Testing
D. Component Integration Testing

Q146- During this event the entire system is tested to verify that all functional information and quality requirements have been met. A predetermined combination of tests is designed that when executed successfully satisfy management that the system meets specifications
A. validation testing
B. INtegration Testing
C. User Acceptance tesing
D. System Testing

The sample papers claimed the answers should be "C" for the two questions above.

To me, the answer should be: 145-B, 146-D

It seems those online sample papers are MISLEADING and UNRELIABLE.

Is the syllabus the ONLY RELIABLE study material for the exam? Is it true that IF we know 100% of the syllabus, THEN we can score 100% on the exam?

Should I care about those questions that are appear in dumps but not in syllabus? Such as "Breadth & Depth Testing"?

Please advice