I wasn't sure if I should put this under the training forum or general so I'll move it if need be.

What I'm wondering is if we have any FitNesse experts in the Atlanta, GA area who would be willing to come do an overview of FitNesse with a team of QA professionals who are integrating automation for the first time, the 3 resources who would be involved are very experience manual testers.

We have FitNesse installed on our machiens and would like an overview and to find out what we need to get from the development team to see automation behind the UI (aka we aren't even sure what access or what questions to ask the development team as this is our first foray and we need some guidance).

We are thinking we would need 2 to 4 sessions of about an hour.

If not in the Atlanta area, we have access to LiveMeeting, though in person would be great.

Let me know.