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We will be starting Live webinar Series on Software Testing Training for paid members soon.
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Live webinar series costs $197

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Incase if you want to know about what topics are covered in both Live as well as recorded video sessions.
Please find them here:

Software Testing intro
- what is software testing
- What is the role of a Software testing engineer
- what is a bug/defect
- what you'll do if you find a bug
- How is your bug reporting process

Software Test Life Cycle
- Explain different phases of STLC
- How are they mapped to SDLC

Bug Life Cycle
- explain your defect life cycle
- What are the different states of Bug
- Why its important for a Test Engineer to know Bug life cycle well

Test Plan
- What is a test plan & what does it contain
- What is entry & exit criteria

Test Cases
- Test case examples
- How to write test cases

Types of testing
- Unit, Integration, Functionality, System , Alpha , Beta
- Functionality : Security, Network, GUI

How a Software testing project is executed in a Company
- Detailed flow of Testing project execution in a real company
Interview questions most frequently asked in Software Testing Jobs
- More than 100 interview questions will be covered in videos.
PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT cover automation tools in this training.
This training is mainly focused on Manual Software Testing & to provide strong Software testing fundamentals.

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