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    Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    Hi All,
    I am new to this forum.
    I like to pursue a career in mobile phone testing.
    Is there any institution providing "Mobile Handset device Testing training or course" in US
    please advice

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    Re: Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    Hi Jaya,

    I advice you can google what ever you want about testing. There is nothing special about mobile handset testing. first know about testing concepts for basic idea on software process.

    Later to get into mobile do learn about GSM history, architecture, GSM services(telephony, bearer and supplementary services.GPRS architecture and its classes, IRDA(infrared technology-architecture level), bluetooth architecture, and a DRM basics. try to know a bit of 3G technology, multimedia, phone browsers.sometimes CDMA knowledge also helps.

    Also know about packet switching, circuit swithcing and frequency hopping.

    All these topics you get in google. Do put your queries in forum for clarifications. Experts will help.

    Even if you go to course i am sure you need to pick these topics on your own. As a mobile user you would be best tester. Try available features on your handset and note down issues.

    Course will help you for career path but knowledge wise self learning is a must.
    If i cant then who can?

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    Re: Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    There is no such course.
    You need to do some analysis on internet.

    Also you can use our forum (sqaforums) which serves always helpful to all.

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    Re: Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    [ QUOTE ]
    There is no such course.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    You are quite certain about this? In the US?

    Perhaps there is one you are not aware of?

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    Re: Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    I would recommend that you check out conferences on mobile device testing, as well as available webinars sponsored by various companies. I test software on mobile medical devices and constantly searching for more information. You can try posing questions in the PDA & Embedded forum here. You can also try contacting specific companies that make mobile phones to see what training they offer. These companies may offer seminars through groups like StickyMinds, Better Software, and other Testing organizations. As someone mentioned earlier, you need to search around. Google concepts like "Seminars on software for mobile devices" and "software testing seminars and conferences" which might help you find more specific places to search.

    Best of luck to you
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    Re: Mobile Handset Device Testing course in US

    I took training from H2KInfosys. It is very reliable and excellent Training center. comparing with other institutes they charge very less. But they provide material and training double what we pay. People who wants to take training in Mobile Device Testing Training, I strongly recommend this training Institute.



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